Place of work: Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

What will be your main responsibilities in the role?

  • Support tape-out work to both internal FABs as well as external foundries.
  • Perform DRC & LVS verification on chip design layouts when needed.
  • Perform floor-planning for production and development test patterns.
  • Write automation scripts for basic layout and/or data prep functions.
  • Support Integration team for technology development on new mask layer definition and enablement, metrology and lithography structure introduction.
  • Prepare reticle & mask data, collaborating with PDK team on data processing to ensure GR cleanness and data integrity.
  • Coordinate QA on reticle data review and release and work with photomask shop venders on delivery.
  • Interface with other engineering teams including Design, Fab, Tech Development as well as mask vendors to facilitate the flow from NPD to manufacturing.
What are the requirements?

  • University degree in Electrical Engineering or Physics.
  • Knowledge of LINUX environment.
  • Knowledge of tools for IC design is advantage (Cadence, Mentor, VerilogA or similar).
  • Basic knowledge of databases and programming is advantage (SQL, Oracle, PERL or C/C++).
  • Good written and spoken English (B1 level is a minimum).
  • Accurate and systematic work, self-verification of results, team player.
Why should you join us?
  • Vacation: A full-time employee is entitled to 25 days a year.
  • Sick Days: The employee is entitled to an additional 3 days off (70% paid) for acute illness, without doctor’s certificate (only for employees with a contract beginning at the latest the first working day in the given year or after one year).
  • Bridge Days: When the public holiday takes place on a weekend day, the employee is free to take up this day whenever he prefers within the calendar year. This is applicable to employees with flexible working hours, with a contract beginning at the latest the first working day in the given year (or after one year).
  • Working hours: Shorter work week and flexible working hours.
  • Homeworking: Selected employees can work from home. It must be approved by the manager and local HR, for defined cases and for limited periods. It can be a one-time action or regular home working.
  • Accommodation support: For employees who decided to relocate from a different region, the company contributes to home rent during the first four years of employment or the company contributes to mortgage payments for those who decided to buy their home.
  • Afterwork: Teambuilding and free time activities for our employees and their families are highly supported.

For the complete summary of the company benefits please see the link HERE.

testimonial author
There are several reasons why I enjoy working in onsemi. First of all, I appreciate being part of a team of top experts of all generations who support each other and move upwards. We are driving global development in our industry in such a way that most competitors are left behind. It’s all because there is a fair relationship between the company and the employees based on mutual trust and respect.
Design Layout Engineer

Zuzana Kozlová, recruiter

+420 605 842 281


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